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LYC Electronics, serving the Stockton community since 1984.

What We Do

LYC Electronics specializes in selling and servicing computer networks and workstations for small businesses in the Stockton area.  Our desire is to enable our customers to run their businesses efficiently and to help them grow.  We customize servers and workstations for the customer's needs.  We integrate and configure all kinds of peripherals and devices used by our customers to work with their networks. With our vast experience and knowledge we can assess the current networks and equipment a customer has and make recommendations based on those assessments.  We can help them maintain their networks and equipment and install new equipment as needed or desired. We have served the local community well over the years.  We have the experience to solve problems that, at times, are too challenging for many other computer companies. Our understanding is that LYC Electronics is the oldest computer business in Stockton under the same ownership and management.  We do more than just “push boxes”. We strive to be a complete solutions provider for our customers.

Since we have been in business for many years, we often have hard to find or unusual cables, adapters, etc. that are unavailable anywhere else in town. 


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LYC Electronics is registered to Yee Olde Electronics, Inc.